The Leitz Leicaflex is the father of all Leica R cameras.

Leitz Leicaflex

Leitz Leicaflex The first reflex made by Leica, the Leicaflex is the ancestor of the whole Leica R family. It has no auto-exposure mode but has a coupled light meter showing the right aperture/shutter speed combination in the viewfinder. Its mechanical shutter requires no battery : the battery is needed only to power the light meter.

Built like a Panzer, it is immortal and can use all Leica R lenses. On the other hand lenses designed for this camera can't be used with later models.



24 x 36 mm


Leica R mount with one, two or three cams


focal plane, mechanical, curtain type, from 1/2000 s to 1 s and B pose, X and M flash sync at 1/100 s, self-timer, mirror lock-up


1,2 kg with the 50 mm Summicron

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