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Photography and classic cameras collection by Vincent Becker

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About Lights in the Box


Portrait RobotMy first website appeared in february, 2000. Its modest intention was then to show some of my pictures and some old cameras I owned. I mainly intended to show my photographic work to my fellow amateur photographers.

It became Lights in the Box in april 2002. Its intention remains the same as my original website but its contents have grown much. The collection is now much more important than the gallery. An english version appeard in december 2002. I spend a great part of my free time to improve Lights in the Box and would welcome any suggestion. Don't hesitate to e-mail me.

Warning : all contents (pictures and texts) of this website remain the property of their author.

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Technical stuff


Lights in the Box makes an extensive use of databases, with the classic PHP/MySQL tandem hosted at www.online.net.

The code was written with the excellent HTML Kit, a free but powerful editor. Pictures were adapted for the screen with The Gimp, the GNU image manipulation program. Most of the image work was made under the enlarger however. The sound has been recorded and processed with the Encounter 2003 and Audacity free software.

For a better, safer web experience, Lights in the Box recommends Firefox, the free browser from the Mozilla foundation. For mail and newsgroups, Thunderbird is really worth a try too.

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